Sign Language Made Simple


Ruth Reppert, creator of Sign Language Made Simple, offers a program that provides a quick and easy way to learn to sign and communicate with the Deaf. She provides an instructional book and DVD where she teaches you Contact/Conversational signing, an English-based visual communication method often used by interpreters to transliterate for their Deaf clients.

Learn more at her newly updated PD/GO website: www.signlanguagemadesimple.com

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Watch Ruth's PD/GO Testimonial and find out why she loves having a PD/GO Website

Video Transcript

This is Ruth Reppert at Sign Language Made Simple.com. We're standing here with Steve Schwartz who is an amazing, amazing person. That was our lucky day to have found him. He has done a fantastic job of designing our website. I can't tell you enough accolades for him. (Speaks to husband) Don't you agree? (husband's response) I agree. Oh honey he is absolutely amazing, thank you so much. (Ruth continues) Bob was sitting, watching (the web design process) and saying this is mind-boggling! So thank you, Steve, you are amazing!

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