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Thursday, May 14, 2020

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Since 2017, PD/GO Digital Marketing, a Vero Beach Florida website design and digital marketing agency, has worked diligently informing the business community that their websites need to be ADA compliant, meaning that they are fully accessible to people with disabilities, such as blindness or deafness. Many businesses, non-profit organizations and even government agencies have been the target of expensive lawsuits due to operating a non-accessible (by disabled users) website.

The PD/GO Digital Marketing team has created dozens of websites that are fully accessible to disabled users. There are several steps to making a website accessible: performing a comprehensive accessibility audit, doing the remediation work, continued testing, and performing a final quality assurance test by our blind staff member, Devin Prater. The entire process takes time, diligence, and digital accessibility expertise.

However, there are vendors on the internet, such as accessiBe, User1st, and Userway, that offer the promise of a quick, easy, and very low-cost accessibility remediation system. These vendors' solutions typically involving adding a single line of code into the website to make it accessible.

Our blind staff member, Devin Prater, has tested many websites that utilize these one-and-done 'solutions' and has concluded that most, if not all, do not actually make the website easier to use by a disabled person. Devin states after testing one such website, "It (the website) still has many issues. I cannot easily navigate it as it is confusing and messy. The PD/GO solution is still by far the best I have ever used."

Therefore, if a business uses one of these quick accessibility 'solutions,' the website will likely remain inaccessible to people with disabilities, and therefore, the business still risks being the target of an accessibility lawsuit.

The following article explains this situation in more details. https://bit.ly/35Z8O0J

For a free audit and consultation regarding your website's accessibility by users with disabilities, please click schedule.pdgo.com and schedule a time.

Steven Schwartz
PD/GO Digital Marketing
Vero Beach Florida

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