It has become more important than ever to make sure businesses keep their customers informed with the frequently changing news and information. What better way to do that than by text message?

While email list messages are opened only 10-20% of the time, a whopping 95% or more of all text messages are viewed within five minutes of arriving on the recipient's smartphone! Nearly every message is seen!

Hence why we launched "Text Me Deals" where we help our client build a text marketing list of their best customers, and we provide the training so that each marketing text message can be easily sent out to hundreds or thousands of recipients all at once.

Slow night at your restaurant? Blast out a text message saying, "Tonight, buy one pizza, get a second one free!" or for your salon, "We had a last minute cancelation... cut and color appt now available at 2 pm! Call to claim it!" or networking/civic groups can use it to stay in touch with their members with time-sensitive updates.

Please watch this short video (below) to see just how easy it is to use within the PD/GO System! This service is even available to clients that don't use the PD/GO System for their websites.

Want to learn more or get started? Schedule a time to chat with me here! http://schedule.pdgo.com

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Hi, it's Steve Schwartz with PD/GO Digital Marketing. I'm super excited! Today I want to tell you about the launch of a new system we created called textmedeals.com. And what we do is we help our customers have their own VIP texting list so that our clients can send a single text message out to all of their very best customers by text message all at once anytime they want to offering specials, discounts, coupons or whatever. Let me show you how it works.
Okay, so here's how you use the textmedeals.com system to send a text message out to all of the recipients on your list. You log into your account of the PD/GO System. And you see this screen. You come down here to where it says mailing lists and click and you'll see the any and all lists that you have here. This is our list, which we call "text list one all" in this particular case, and I selected it, and I'm going to click just for fun, manage subscribers. This shows a list of everybody who's on this particular list, who's agreed to receive text messages through our system. If I need to import names, I can do so as well or I can manually add a subscriber here. But to send a message out super easy, select the list, click Send, and this box pops up, you click SMS here, it tells you the total number of recipients on your list. You can ignore this piece right here. And then in this box here, you type the message that you wish to send out to everybody by text, it needs to be 160 characters or fewer in order to go through as a single message. So you write it there and click Send and the system takes care of it will be sent out typically within 30 seconds to a minute. Everybody on your list should have the message in their phone.