ADA Lawsuits Increase Against Local Governments and Small Businesses in Florida

As a Digital Marketing company that specializes in designing websites that are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant, we are happy to get the word out about the great need for websites to be fully accessible to ALL users, including users that are blind, have low vision or are deaf.

It is unfortunate, however, that local governments and companies are threatened with lawsuits before being given the opportunity to make their websites work properly with the accessibility programs that disabled visitors use.

The City of Stuart, recently threatened with a lawsuit regarding their website, settled out of court agreeing to pay a fine of $14,500.

The lawyer and the plaintiff in this case, both residents of South Florida, have filed a total of 175 lawsuits together as of December 2018, including lawsuits against Martin, St. Lucie, and Palm Beach counties.

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