WordPress Website Development and Repair by PD/GO Digital Marketing

A simple solution to easily update the content on your website yourself
without knowing any programming skills.
Perfect for small businesses or organizations.


We can create new websites using WordPress, like the website you are reading now, using Parallax design and other cool WordPress features. Sites are designed using the WordPress theme of your choice, then modified to match your company's brand identity, colors, logo, preferences and more.

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WordPress is an open-source program and is available for anyone to download, install on a server and use for their website development. However, hackers around the world download the program, reverse engineer it, and figure out how to hack into websites that use it. Your team at PD/GO Digital Marketing can help repair your hacked website, as well as provide typical website updates of design and content.


Wordpress Examples

WomenInHomeLandSecurity Screenshot Website Example
BornAgainChic Screenshot Website Example


Our History:
We started business operations under the name "Positive Design" in January 1999 out of a spare bedroom in Northern Virginia. The business focus was to create affordable custom websites for small businesses and organizations and to make it a positive experience for the clients. After a few years of running the business in this fashion, clients started asking if they could make basic content updates to their websites themselves, but without being a programmer/techie. We had no good solution for that request. Then, our company president, Steve Schwartz, had a entrepreneurial flash -- to create a system that would provide 'edit it myself' functionality for the non-techie client requiring only one hour of personal training. Furthermore, each website would incorporate a custom-created site style design to give it a unique look to match the brand/colors of each clients' business. The new "PD/GO System" was an immediate success as nearly all clients requested we move their existing websites into the new system. Since then, we have created over 1,300 websites for national and international clients.

Our Team:
The PD/GO Team is made up of a diverse group of talented, committed professionals. Each of us have a passion for making your web design a positive experience.

PD/GO!? What kind of name is that?!

'PD' came from Positive Design and 'GO' meaning motion/action reflecting the hands-on edit-it-myself nature of the system. Combine the two, and you have PD/GO. We added the 'Digital Marketing' a little time later as people didn't really know what kind of business it was, so that helped clear up the confusion!