Coastal Concierge Services

Thursday, July 15, 2021

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Steve Schwartz
Hi, it's Steve Schwartz with PD/GO Digital Marketing. Today I wanted to show off a new website that we recently launched for Coastal Concierge Services based in Vero Beach, Florida. This is a wonderful organization that helps seniors and people with medical issues in their homes, with companion care with nursing and whatnot, that they need to enjoy their lives to the fullest. As you can see, there's a very attractive logo here, personalized in home visit here, click to call phone number, they're linked to their Facebook, the different navigation items with drop down menus across the top, we do also have a flyout widget for the ADA compliant version of the website so that people who are either blind or deaf, or have similar issues like that can use the website successfully as well. And you can see their phrase here personalized in home care with attention to detail. So this is what we have on the homepage. And as we scroll, you can see that the content in the front goes above the image in the back here. This is a technique called parallax, where the background and the foreground move at different speeds giving a nice three dimensional effect. As you see here, there's three different focal points circled one for concierge in home care. The second talks about personalized referred care. And the third talking about providers. The referred care providers can include companions and home health aides and whatnot. The idea is you have three different columns for these different types of services that this organization offers. And they're listed, obviously, under each of those three focal points, circles. There's also buttons to learn more about each of those three categories of services. Then there's a layer here, very attractive. And then some testimonials: things that the clients have said about this fine organization and ability to read more. Then there's a final layer here that shows different logos of different organizations that the organization is part of, their address and phone numbers, licensing, their logo and whatnot. So very attractive website very easy for the client to log in and update their content themself as they see fit. And we're glad to have them as a PD/GO client. If we can ever help you with your project for your business or nonprofit organization, please reach out to us. You can schedule a time to speak with me personally by visiting schedule.pdgo.com and pick out a time that works for you. It'll be my pleasure to speak with you and see how we can help. Have a great day.